Take some distilled water, and add 2% BA. (10mls of water to 2/10 ml of BA - the BA amount is so minute that it will not effect the total in this case)

Add a surfactant to the water (polysorbate 80 and Carboxymethylcellulose both work well for this), and mix thoroughly.

Now take 7ml's of this, and run it through a .2um sterile syringe filter, into a sterile 10ml vial. Remove the filter, and needles from the vial for now. You now have 7ml's of sterile water containing surfactant.

Now take 1 gram of either test base, or winny powder, and put it in a vial with 2 ml's super solvent(guaiacol). Heat it until it is completely dissolved.

Allow it to cool slightly, and draw it up in a 3cc syringe......now run this through a .45 sterile syringe filter, into the vial that contains the sterile water/surfactant.

Remove the filter and needles from the vial, and shake it up.

The testosterone base/winny will precipitate out in the water, but it has been micronized by running it through the filter, so this can easily be injected using a 25g needle.

This gives you a nice water based suspension......no clumps, no crystals.

Actually, you could also do this with your winny, and take it orally, and you wouldn't have the nasty everclear taste.