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    Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    ...Because the guy tends to go to jail a lot...
    Sounds like your boy isn't the best at doing illegal things. So I'd be careful about doing illegal things with/through him. You don't want to be collateral damage.

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    It all depends, if its from pharm, it will last for yrs, if ugl, toss it, after a certain amount of time, i still have vials from my hrt clinic circa 2011ish unopened, sitting in a cupboard....
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    Originally Posted by Blasetoise View Post
    I shouldnt use past expiry date. Did it once shitted white foam till i switched gear also felt like shit.
    That was the yogurt you ate 6 months past the date.

    Seriously, though--had you already used some of the same lot with no issue?
    Never heard of that.
    Granted, lots of sh1t (no pun intended) I've never heard of, but curious if there may have been other factors.

    Glad everything thing came out alright in the end (that one was intentional... Sorry/not sorry).
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