Hey there - new guy here. I'm on Day7 of low-dose DNP (tapered from 100-300mg after well tolerated). So far so good. However, I'm really interested in starting once again to take a few racetams. I haven't been on this forum long enough (I literally just registered about an hour ago) to find out if bodybuilders take an interest in nootropics at all, but I'm a bit of biohacker by nature, so I love self-experimentation.

My question is --DNP is a mitochondrial uncoupler and racetams (many of them and certainly the ones I'm interested in taking again) are great at maintaining healthy mitochondria, by creating "non-broken" mitochondria to replace the cell's ability to pump out free radicals. I cannot say for sure that these 2 supplements are in opposition to one another, but what I def don't want to do is take DNP and racetams that are unknowingly cancelling each other out.

Does anyone have any feedback or anecdotal evidence re: DNP and racetams (specifically racetams, as opposed to all other nootropics). TIA!