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Thread: Cholesterol

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    Originally Posted by dragon1952 View Post
    .....and to both Jin and Joliver, I know I probably shouldn't be messing with the tren but I've never been one to do the prudent thing. It's just my addictive, slightly destructive nature. And I probably shouldn't be eating as much Rocky Road ice cream or Drumstick ice cream cones either. But at least I don't drink or smoke ;^ )
    Just know the beast you're wrangling, and focus on the things you can do to mitigate the risks. Lots of soluble and insoluble fiber. I eat the gummies. Delicious. Like a gummy bear that will make you shit in the woods....because you can't make it back to the toilet.

    Stay away from statin drugs.

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    Interesting thread. My cholesterol always ran high, especially in my 40s when I used tren. It was 376 at one point, but I had good blood pressure.
    Lately (I'm 62), I've lowered the weekly dosage of test to 125mg and deca to 100 mg. I limit my deep fried battered food to once per week or every 2 weeks (I'm from Louisiana, we eat lotsa that, along with boudin, sausage, ie.). My cholesterol stays around 190-200. I don't take statins. The side effects are terrible (tried it 20 years ago).

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