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Thread: Nolva on cycle

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    Taking .5 e3d. What would be a good increase? .5 e2d or eod? Sorry for all the questions, this is my first cycle and I want to have run as smoothly as possible.

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    Originally Posted by Sickman View Post
    My labs said my estradiol was 35 pg/ml. This is in the normal range of 10 to 40. But I've also read men should try to get/keep it between 20-30 on cycle. Is this level ok to stay at or should I slightly increase my AI dose? I don't have gyno or anything but my nipples are sensitive and itch occasionally, and no it's not just in my head lol. Lmk what your opinions are on the results. Thanks guys
    Your E2 is fine. Get your prolactin levels checked.
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    I wouldn't change your AI dosage. Your E2 looks really good. You itchy nips might be psychological. The more you worry about them the more they are going to itch.
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    Don't play with your nipples

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