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    Been on IPhone since almost day one (Nokia before that and those were indestructible). Used to work in cell phone sales and honestly Apple really only does major changes every 4-5 years (notice the iPhone 6s to iPhone X/XR jump in screen quality, speed and graphics.) honestly would go with iPhone 11 Pro max or pro for those who want the smaller screen. Iphone 12s big differences are mainly build quality and 5g capabilities and display is still XDR. 5g also still isn’t even close to its potential. Wait till around December/January when price cuts happen then upgrade 3-4 years later when major change happens. Just my two cents.

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    Originally Posted by motown1002 View Post
    If you are truly set on getting the 11 or the 12, the 12 is supposed to be 5G enabled. Im sure the difference in price is minor as they are both super expensive. I used to work for a company that was part of the Apple cult. They had to have a new phone every time one came out. I got the benefit of that, but in my opinion there is very little difference in each new phone. Sure the camera might be a tad bit better, but I dont make money making movies so its not a issue for me. (You will have to ask FD about movie making lol ) I have the 11 and its fine for me.
    Thanks for the input, Motown. I might very well have to go with your advice as I just read the rumours that 12 pro max battery will be a measly ~3.600mAh.

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    I would skip the iPhone until they improve. The platform is old. I'd give the new LG Velvet a try for awhile instead.

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