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Thread: UGL VS Research

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    UGL VS Research

    Is there any difference in quality of PCT drugs like Nolva and Clomid between UGLs and research chemicals? Do you use Nolva or Clomid from a lab or a "research chemicals" site?

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    Re: UGL VS Research

    Well ugl is illegal, research are legal for your rats.

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    Re: UGL VS Research

    I have used AI's and Serms from UGL's and also RC for my rats! Quality...either can possibly turn out to be bunk. I know Iv'e read on the other board about some Serms being Bunk, but I do not remember which company. Risks either way on quality. Have to go my reviews and so on. Oh, and also what Hermy Said.
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    Re: UGL VS Research

    I use one of the sponsors here for my rats. Seems to be good quality cause my male rats don't have tits.

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    Re: UGL VS Research

    They're both basically UGL's. One is operating as a legit business...has a tax ID# etc. As far as quality of product need to know who your dealing with. Just because its a tax paying business doesn't mean they have quality products. I am more than happy with the 1 research co. I use. They've been around for yrs and nothing but great feedback from guys who have been around for years.(hey..thats me!) And I also love the few UGL's that I use also.

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    Re: UGL VS Research

    They get their shit from the same sources for the most part. Is all about preference if u ask me. But i do get them from ugl if im making an order and dont meet their minimum price, and dont want to deal with the extra gear. I just get the stuff from them to make the minimum order price if thats aLl i need at the time.
    Research for the most part will back up their products and send u replacements without question, if for example the shit clumps up and u cant get it to mix, or it crystalyses. Ugl is very likely to tell u to pack sand since its not their product.
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