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    More LBM = Less fat !

    Most people know that muscle burns more calories than fat but, just how much more? Over the years I've heard that a pound of muscle can burn anywhere from 30-100 extra calories a day.

    More than one study has shown that untrained men who lifted weights could burn an extra 30-35 calories for each pound of muscle gain.

    Does muscle burn calories at rest? Yes, it does. Muscle in its resting state is like an idling car engine, burning up fuel in the form of calories. Therefore, it's true that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest each day.

    But, the actual amount of calories burned by a pound of resting muscle in a day is not nearly as much as 60 calories, unless you include the activity that muscle performs.

    To determine how many calories a person burns at rest, scientists calculate a person's Resting Metabolic Rate, which is based on the person's amount of lean body mass.
    Each pound of lean body mass, which includes skeletal muscle, burns a bit over 13 calories a day at rest.

    There are other mechanisms involved with metabolism as well (including gender, age, fitness level and how active you are otherwise)

    Strength training is incredibly important for losing fat and keeping your body strong and healthy. Just some of the benefits include:

    Increased after burn - High intensity strength training can actually help you burn extra calories for hours after your workout

    Prevents loss of lean body mass that happens from dieting and/or aging

    Burning calories - While strength training doesn't burn as many calories in one sitting as cardio, it does contribute to your overall calorie expenditure

    Changes your body composition, which helps shape your body and keep you healthy

    Strengthens bones and connective tissue along with muscles

    Keeps you strong and active as you get older

    Improves coordination, balance and may help prevent injuries

    In conclusion, the more LBM you gain the more fat you'll burn.
    Now go do some super sets !!!!

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    Re: More LBM = Less fat !

    Couldnt agree more. During thjs cycle i put on 27 lbs and my bodyfat has gone down from 15% to12%, with absolutely no cardio.
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    Re: More LBM = Less fat !

    Good read bro , Scooby preaches the after burn effect I love it so if u burn 600cal doing cardio w after burn u actually get more like 1300cal burned ! Extra motivation for cardio
    Enjoy Your Ride!

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    Re: More LBM = Less fat !

    Super sets with some droped sets on rotation are the most crazy pump you can ever experience plus the benefits above stated by the greatest Mr P.

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    Re: More LBM = Less fat !

    All I know is that it was hell on earth to get down to 8%bf when I ended up being 145lbs... now getting down that low this summer @170 I barely even starved myself
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    Re: More LBM = Less fat !

    good stuff Mr P

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    Re: More LBM = Less fat !

    Goof stuff right here Mr. P and I agree. Always good when you post shit brotha! Always!!

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