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    Dropbox - bank-grade security for your files

    Keep your files up-to-date across multiple devices and stay in sync with your team, effortlessly. Dropbox for Teams offers administrative tools, phone support, and as much space as you need.

    Work from anywhere

    Your files are accessible from any device (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry) and synced to your computer so you can work both online and offline!

    Learn more


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    Re: Dropbox - bank-grade security for your files

    Thats pretty neat. Thanks admin.
    US Goverment Policy: If It Ain't Broken, Fix It Till It Is.

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    Re: Dropbox - bank-grade security for your files

    Been using drop box for a long time and anyone who isn't using it should get it... its free but you can pay for increased storage size. You can create links from any folder or document within the dropbox to share individual items or folders with people etc.

    There are many cool tips & tricks you can use too. i.e.: if you use multiple computers you can save your calendar database file there and point all of your calendars to that file in the dropbox location on each of your computers so anytime you make a change it changes on every platform you use and everything syncs off of that. That is just one example but there are many cool ways that people have figured out to use it outside of simply saving your important files there.

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    Re: Dropbox - bank-grade security for your files

    Dropbox is the poo poo! It's easy to get extra space for free too (I'm up to 24GB of free cloud storage).

    My diet plan from Spongy is in there so i can see what I'm supposed to be eating at anytime from my phone, desktop, ipad etc.

    I should probably work for dropbox since I pimp them out to everyone. I also use it to send my family new Movies they can play on an AppleTV - beats netflix

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