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    Caffeine and hydration?

    Ok guys let's hear it. What do you think? I drink a lot of coffee and still stay hydrated. How does drinking all that caffeine affect hydration though

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    Coffee is a diuretic but not all that potent. I wouldn't worry about it so long as you're over 1 gallon of water per day. I drink plenty and I'm not worried
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    Re: Caffeine and hydration?

    Same as PoB in my experience. Hell, I down nearly a pot of java before my morning workout and then two cups once I'm on the job site. So long as your H20 is well-dominating your coffee intake, no worries Mate.

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    Re: Caffeine and hydration?

    Hi Caffeine drinks are like duretics to me. But i love them.

    Right now im switching out soda for iced tea during the week - more natural and still refreshing. And on the weekend im switching out my sodas for Cranberry Juice cocktail. Just discovered it and i love it.

    When the cold weather comes i will be back to drinking hot tea as well!
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    Re: Caffeine and hydration?

    As long as you keep up with your water intake you should be fine. Imo cofee helps removing lactic acid buildup from the muscles. When off cycle after a heavy workout ill drink some black cofee, and my muscles wont get sore at all. The days thst i didnt do this they got sore.
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    Re: Caffeine and hydration?

    Coffee ends up making me not very thirsty so I have to remind myself to drink enough water. Id rather drink coffee than an energy drink though.

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    Re: Caffeine and hydration?

    Caffeine is both a diuretic and a vasosilator(causes dilating of the blood vessels). Recent studies have disproved the notion that caffeine leads to dehydration if used in moderation. This being said, the vasodilation is beneficial to us in a way that not only is blood flow increased within the dilated vessels but a slight lowering of ones blood pressure can be expected as well. This is why caffeine is in so many pre workout supplements

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