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    how it used to be
    no headphones, brothers encouraging each other, laughing,having fun. what the brotherhood was all about. you just don't see it like this now, everyone in their own little world. and watch ed rep them squats. intense. wish i could find a gym like that now

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    Re: how it used to be

    Still love that movie.

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    Re: how it used to be

    Yeah headphones don't really encourage people to chat

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    Re: how it used to be

    Idk...i never really lifted without earphones. I get too distracted listening to the majority of idiots in the gym. Buds go in and I zone out and lift. Only time they come out is to confirm the weight goin up for the next set.
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    Re: how it used to be

    Ya man, i use my headfones as a sign stating "stay the **** away from me, i dont give a shit what u have to say. But ya, i wish i could find a gym like that. I hate to say it, but i see more crossfitters with that same attitude as arnold and ed then bodybuilders do. Sad if u ask me...
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