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I think its a good occasion to answer few questions that eat the "brain" and in some cases "heart" of so many individuals on the internet

first of all congratulation to me gh15 on a life time of work and all as one individual this should be a record in the bodybuild and fitness industry.. I believe I am holding the record.. infact I hold much more than 1 record but ill stop here lol

so who is gh15 really..

to all my fans and lover and haters some of them still cant sleep at night because I have castle built in their head for so many years (pretty much a life time of frustration on their behalf):

I am one individual,, like palius always told you from the get go.. I am one individual who came in 2005 AS gh15 (i wrote all about it along the years) and swept the world of hardcore bodybuilding upside down and inside out.. I,, like I said back many years ago,, did open heart surgery to bodybuild and fitness

despite the fact I alwys been one fella.. there are as I said before the individuals who "need me" and "hope fpr me" to be "more than one".. and why is that? they simply cant face the huge achievement I made out of internet as a sole individual even before 2000s were a thing of the past... and this is the truth

I did what no other professional bodybuilder ever done while still! bodybuild..

1,, i managed to teach hands on bodybuild and hormones applications to the mega masses before social media existed.. (in a different and in my opinion better era)

2,, i managed to do it in a very uniqe way and became a cultivating and really cult figure but more than that a hero in the eyes of too many to count and villain in the eyes of nasty drug dealers that yes i admit some of them used me big time while they could in order to enrich themselves beyond belief

3,, i am the sole individual from any internet site in history that made over 50 million us dollars FOR OTHERS when all put together without ever being a drug dealer.. all from INTERNET and THIE! gh15 that i created in 2005 in order to bring to light the truth about our professional lives as bodybuilders

4,, i am by far with out a doubt the most successful story on internet history of FITNESS sites of any kind (that includes youtube fitness).. there is no question about it i literally built castle in the heads of individuals to a point they didn't and still don't know what to do with themselves.. you can see it up until now from (illuminati the disgusting thing in gtbig.. the one rep idiot.. the alex33 which i still don't understand how anyone can think i was ever him.. unbeliavble,, the list is huge many of them of course are gimmicks this is why its nonsense but its worth explanation to normal fellas out there who truly love bodybuild and fitness.. who else was said to be me.. too many to count really.. denis.. mishko.. beautiful man with glasses.. special ed.. 240.. blockhead.. list is as long as the day and it goes far above and beyond gtbig gimmick idiocy.. they really tried to put anyone they could into me because they couldn't come to term with my HUGE personal success/achievement on their platform in the 2000s.. this is something they will go to their grave with.. they will never get peaceful resolution for it.. why? because of the huge success and change in history i brought and the era they witnessed it from their couches an era before iphones and social media.. an era where things used to mean something and leave a stamp on the heart and mind of humans.. it make people mad it really does because a story like that is one in a million.. if you want to put equivalent to it you can take rush Limbaugh for example.. you talk about this type of success i had as gh15 between 2005-2020

i keep telling over and over.. you can bring million replacement from galileo gimmicks to efs gimmicks.. those are all local low level drug dealers and in some cases gimmicks and shared/sham accounts of those dealers..who never saw a competition in their life forget about pro level stage.. they can not pull a gh15 my friends..

gh15 is a once in a life time phenomena that happened to the individual behind gh15 (and no.. lol no one buy accounts on internet sites lol who the hell will pay to buy a ****ing account have some sense ya crazy loonateeks)

i already wrote million times about all of these things but i thought its worth mentioning it again on the beginning of my 16th years that is coming in few months..

it's important for history to know the truth and this is why i write it again today right now when i have some time.. i don't need to get pms mentioning what is told about me i know what is told about me and i know why.. the why is jelousy and greed.. the competition over big money

the only thing im not content about is what happened to my site in recent years where its ruled by dealers as a monopoly.. less gh15 members and more of buyers who just come to get a hook up.. who use the fact i am more open about the protection i give due to what happened to me in 2016 that put me in a position to do it and no it has nothing to do with strngo for god sake i had no idea who he was and still dont.. he was simply one of many sponsors on gh15.. had nothing to do with me though

so again to conclude this i will say here once again

in order to stop me the individual who brought gh15 to the surface so many years ago.. you will need a

1,, time machine
2,, go back to summer-fall 2005
3,, know that you will be in a different universe but maybe you will have the luck to get in my way

other than that you are shit out of luck because the wheel cant be reinvented no matter how many lies you say about it

regarding dealers who took and take advantage of gh15.. about fake shit done thinking gh15 doesn't know shit about shit around him.. think twice.. i told you once and i will tell you again.. its not on forums/sites where major things are decided