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    I found this very interesting

    I watched a show on discovery or science tonight about perception. Here's one of the ones that stood out to me:

    For reference, the entire time he's saying "ba". It's amazing that even knowing that doesn't help if you look at his mouth while he's making the "fa" motion.

    There were two pictures of rubik's cubes with a blue mask over most of the squares of one, and a yellow one over the other. The squares which supposedly weren't covered with the mask were supposedly grey, but using paper to remove the surrounding influence they were claiming was affecting the eye showed that blue and yellow light were still emitting from the "grey" squares on the TV. I didn't test others, since that made me skeptical of the accuracy of what they were broadcasting versus the actual tests in person.

    Still interesting stuff, the ba/fa visual/aural illusion is something you really cannot deny.

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    Re: I found this very interesting

    Good find Kofer

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