ATTENTION , anyone who competes for strength

double check the weight of your plates so you dont bomb out or leave weight on the platform.

i was called by a couple of old workout partners who are training for a powerlifting contest this weekend , reinforcements are allways needed and appreciated when suiting up / loading plates / handing off /etc. . they train at a different gym than i do but its in town so i dropped by to help and enjoy the company . on the bench day i plopped down and did a few sets along with them as they warmed up and i thought DAMN today would have been a good day for me to bench because im feeling strong , i bowed out and stayed off the bench as the shirts went on . while i was loading/lifting off/shirting up people /etc. i started thinking , ive never lifted here before and maybe im not haveing a DAMN good strength , maybe the weights here arent accurate and are light . i mentioned this after the shirts came off and one of the guys tossed 4 plates on the scales [ which seem accurate ] and the 4 plates came up a dozen pounds light .
holy shit , this is the perfect recipe for bombing out at a powerlifting contest . you load the bar up to what you think the mininum weight will be to get the weight to touch your chest and bam it comes down feeling like it weighs a ton .
allways check the accuracy of the plates you are training with before going to a contest .
allright im off my soapbox now