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    Lance Armstrong?

    Has anyone ever heard of this...mixing Andriol with olive oil?
    I was reading about what Lance Armstrong was using and appears it was testosterone, GH, EPO, and transfusions.
    This is one of the things they said:
    Andriol consists of testosterone undecanoate, a steroid which can be mixed with oil and taken orally. Taken in this way the drug can be absorbed into the lymphatic system without being transported to the liver, making the drug more effective and reducing the prospect of liver damage. Multiple riders who competed on the USPS and Discovery Channel teams from 1998 through 2007 have reported that Dr. Ferrari [an alleged co-conspirator] developed a method of mixing testosterone (i.e., andriol) with olive oil for oral administration. USADA has eyewitness statements from multiple sources that Lance Armstrong used testosterone and administered the testosterone-olive oil mixture to himself and other riders.

    Read more:

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    Re: Lance Armstrong?

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds interesting
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    Re: Lance Armstrong?

    I could be wrong but andriol is only effective at very high dosages.

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