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    What can I learn from my last cycle?

    Ok, so my last cycle was 12 weeks of Test P, Tren A, both @ 400mg E/W.
    I took adex at .5mg EOD and Caber at .5mg E3D throughout.

    PCT was a standard 4 week Clomid and nolva mix. I carried on with the AI and the Caber too.

    So everything was going as expected until i finished taking the test and tren. Made good gains, mild sides like night sweats and a slightly spotty back, nothing i couldn't handle. Then everything seemed to go majorly downhill after i stopped with the test and tren, sex drive dropped to zero, couldn't get wood, back went spotty as ****, like big red ****ers that were painful, felt down all the time, tired, people i worked with even said i looked like i hadn't slept for a month.

    Im finally feeling myself again after about 2 months of shit, ill be honest though my sex drive is still nowhere near what it was.

    So im guessing I ****ed up somewhere along the road, maybe i should have ran PCT longer, or even at a higher dose, maybe the caber or some of the ancillary shit was bunk. What i do know though is that i have to run Tren again, cus it was ****ing awesome when i was on it.......

    Any thoughts guys?

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    What can I learn from my last cycle?

    How long did you run your pct for.. Why didn't you run hcg throughout or at least blast before pct. best thing you can do is get some bloodwork done and see what your levels are at

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    Re: What can I learn from my last cycle?

    Sounds to me like your test levels crashed hard coming off. Bunk gear couldn't save you maybe?

    Test levels went from real high to nothing. Natty test levels having a hard time coming back.

    Not sure what products would be best for helping boost natty test levels

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    Re: What can I learn from my last cycle?

    IMO always run test at least a week longer with short esters. Two weeks for long esters. Let tren clear your system before you discontinue test. Tren is a harsh compound and it sometimes takes months to fully recover off of tren. Always and I mean always run test longer then tren also always run hcg with 19nors. Sometimes when test levels drop e tends to rise. That's why we take serms to block the spike of e. hcg will help jump start lh which will make recovery faster.

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    Re: What can I learn from my last cycle?

    Tren with an anabolic rate of 500 I feel should be ran less than test of a rating 100 as a base.
    Also frequent pins give out stable levels and less sides due to stable levels.
    Its late advice now.
    But should be considered for a next cycle
    Tren is a powerfull compound and results happen even at low doses. I had great results with 300 a week.
    All bodies are diff. What works for us may be diff than what will work in your case.
    For instance coumpounds that raise bad cholesterol to a user that already has high chilesterol (even skinny users can have high bad cholesterol with out knowing) may affect in a negative way. Furthermore. A compound like mast that gives an oil skin feel can also affect a user who breaks out easy with acne due to the oil on the skin


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    Re: What can I learn from my last cycle?

    I would run the tren a tad higher, the test a tad lower. That however is personal preference.

    Since you are cycling , I STRONGLY suggest the following:

    Make certain the tren has cleared before you stop the test and give the test plenty of time to clear before you start pct. (Short esters, wait about a week to ten days IMO.)

    Either run hcg during your cycle and blast it to start your pct (or run it at least with Tren) or blast hcg during PCT or find another good suitable product (d aspartic acid, etc.) to help boost your natty test production once the tren and test has cleared.

    Your test crashed, it takes a long time in some cases to come back to normal/decent levels. The longer your blast/cycle the longer your recovery takes. You ran a nice long(ish) 12 week cycle of short esters and so you were shutdown completely for pretty much the entire time.

    A lot of guys who cycle are liking 8 week short ester cycles because recovery is faster and easier.

    All in all it sounds like you had a good run. The bottom line is it just flat out takes time to get things back to 'normal' after you introduce exogenous test and test derivatives.

    Keep us updated and get your bloodwork done.

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    Re: What can I learn from my last cycle?

    I am not bashing you in writing this but the "standard" PCT dose not work!

    I've seen this thousands of times over the years and without exception guys keep repeating the same mistake in putting thier faith in this "standard" 4 week clomid/nolva type of PCT

    I'm not going to rewrite the entire protocol but I've posted a complete and highly reliable PCT on this board. It has been used by myself and many many other folks in the past.

    I've got more than 20 different blood work ups to support the effectiveness of the protocol.

    Look at the posting of it in the HRT forum.

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