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    Tonights Slutty Joke (ugh!)

    Darren marries this girl, and they go on their honeymoon. He leaves the room the first night to go down to the lobby to get a pack of cigarettes.

    When he gets back, his bride is lying on the bed naked fVcking one of the bellhops.

    Another one is under her, getting her in the ass. She's sucking off the desk clerk, and she's jerking off a cab driver and the dishwasher.

    Darren screams, "What the **** are all these jerk-offs doing in here?"

    She says, "Well, you always knew I was a flirt." )

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    Re: Tonights Slutty Joke (ugh!)

    Oh my) lol
    Eating ass is anabolic. .. Stick your tongue in and hold it there for 20 seconds! Wise words from

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