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    15 y/o girl speaks on behalf of anti gun control

    Seen this on another forum, this girl speaks the truth

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    Re: 15 y/o girl speaks on behalf of anti gun control

    Amen! This girl is my hero of the day! This is scary times we are venturing into. A society of people with no spine afraid to offend other people and take a stand for what's right. Strictly agreeing with what the news and other misleading outlets are telling them to believe in. Tv has replaced basic reasoning and thought process with socially acceptable bullshit. Brainwashing people to possibly sign away their amendment rights. It's craziness.

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    Re: 15 y/o girl speaks on behalf of anti gun control

    The Left Thinking Liberals are so consumed with their "rights and entitlements" and saving everyone from themselves they're brainwashed minds cannot grasp that they themselves are on the front line of removing rights faster than They can create new news ones.

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    Re: 15 y/o girl speaks on behalf of anti gun control

    Didn't check the link. But I am definitely tired of all this gun control propaganda. It has only inflated prices and increased demand. (Good for manufacturing I suppose).
    Trust that if someone comes to kill you, you are dead regardless of how many loaded rounds that clip holds.

    It is just media spewed bullshit to keep our attention distracted from the obvious, bigger, more important issues going on in our country that pertain to us the citizens. Society is filled with sheep. Some people need to pick up a book and turn the tv off.

    My .02
    Bunch of slack-jawed fagg0ts around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

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    Re: 15 y/o girl speaks on behalf of anti gun control

    Great video.

    I recently invested a couple hours of my time actually researching school shootings of at least 6 or more fatalities. In short, the two most common themes in all the shootings were

    Mental illness and/or weapons that were taken from family members of the same household.

    In most cases, the shooters had been diagnosed or had visited with mental health care professionals prior to the shooting. I challenge anyone to read the summary of the Virginia Tech shooting, or any school shooting for that matter, and not be really ****ing pissed that we are wasting time arguing over banning AR's and 30 round clips when we have a system that allows shooters who have documented history of mential illness, in some cases substantial and in some cases involving ongoing drug therapy to access weapons.

    I also took the time to read a good portion of Obama's 9 point plan to increase gun control. It is quite obvious that no one involved in the 9 Point Plan spent any amount of time actually researching the history of school shootings.

    As a parent of two school age children, I am very pissed that anyone can think a bunch of political grandstanding and legislative masturbation such as banning a specific weapon or magazines does anything other than win some votes. If we really wanted to make our kids safe, we need to make it impossible for psychologically disturbed individuals to access weapons. Criminals don't walk into a shool and waste a bunch of kids. I don't think any of the school tragedies we have seen were carried out by career criminals.

    I would also like to add that I spent the first 44 years of my life as a non-gun owner and I bought my first handgun a month ago.

    end rant.

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    Re: 15 y/o girl speaks on behalf of anti gun control

    Good stuff. I agree with her 100%. It's frightening to think that a 15 y/o girl can think more logically than some of our politicians..

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