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Thread: Aldo vs Pettis

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    Aldo vs Pettis

    This is going to be a barn burner. Aldo should win IMO plus the tide is against Pettis as he is dropping a wieght class and the fight is in Rio. That said I think Anthony is a VERY bad match up for Aldo. Anthony isnt going to stand there and get his leggs kicked like Faber and others and he is probably at Joses level on the ground. Stand up IMO will favor the guy that gets off first.

    This may be the best 2 strikers in the game that are actually going to fight each other. What a statement by Pettis to move down a weight class and pass up a shot at the title and fight for
    the other best striker and current champion. Aldo has balls accepting this one as well.

    Im paying the fee to see this one. Wouldve liked to see this one in Dallas though.

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    Re: Aldo vs Pettis

    I'm a huge Pettis fan and honestly think his standup is more crisp but it's hard to tell until they get in there together.. both have solid kicks, they don't telegraph anything, both throw with speed and power... but I agree I don't like Pettis at 145. Tough to call but I'll be pulling for Pettis
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    Re: Aldo vs Pettis

    Anthony Pettis is a very close personal friend so that is where i'm siding. I agree this is a tough fight for him but he has all the tools to win.
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    Re: Aldo vs Pettis

    I want pettis to win.Showtime got crazy kicks

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    Re: Aldo vs Pettis

    I think Aldo will win. He has shown time and time again he is in another class just like Bones Jones and Spider are in their weight classes. Kudos to Pettis for dropping down to do the fight, I think that will be the biggest edge Aldo has is he doesn't drop weight like Pettis for this fight and that seems to be big in these kind of fights. Going up in weight seems easier on many fighters than dropping weight.

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