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    Albutreral experience/dosing?

    Hey SI Brothers, I am currently running 500mg test e as a cutter cycle for summer and wanted to throw in some albuteral into the mix. I wanted to know if anyone here has any first hand or even second hand experience with this drug. I wanted to know if it is important to split up the dosing evenly throughout the day to keep bloods stable, or if that's unnecissary because it is not AAS? I was gonna start by taking 2-4 mg a day and up the dosage assessing tolerance, my only concern is not being able to sleep once night time hits, so I wanted to know if I could dose say 2mg 6am the 2mg 10 am? Or even just 4 mg 6 am to let it clear out before bed time, all advice welcome, thanks!

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    Re: Albutreral experience/dosing?

    Hey.mb, throw up some stats to help us get a better idea of where you currently are and what your goals are.

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    Re: Albutreral experience/dosing?

    i had 8mg extended releases caps and would take 1 am, 1 at 3pm. was fine sides wise.

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