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Thread: Holidays

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    Hey bros!

    Well just came back from NZ snowboarding and it was great! Got my next cycle planned to start end of this month and continue until December or so.

    Now I'm looking to head to either the States or Canada anywhere from January until March. Want to keep this one as cheap as i can and although id like to snowboard, the damn cost of the lift passes starts getting pricey when your there for more than a few days. Going to try stay for a few weeks, maybe 2 or 3.

    Where would you boys go and what would you do?
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    Re: Holidays

    Spain for sure.

    Send pics of your travels.

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    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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    Re: Holidays

    Whistler BC. Not sure what the exchange rate is now. But when I went the dollar was worth 1.5x there money. Greatest snowboarding trip I've ever been on. I've been to Colorado/Utah also and that's cool there are a lot of mountains in driving distance to each other but you spend a ton of $ trying different places. Whistler/Blackcomb is so ****ing big that you could spend a month just there and never get bored.

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