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    blood work issues

    I'm on TRT and my last blast was from February to May of this year. I ran dbol for 3 weeks 50mg a day (cut it short since I was feeling sick on it) and TPP (600mg) + NPP (400mg). I ran it for about 12 weeks.

    So on the blast with the dbol I ran synthergine as the liver protectant. I have bloods posted in another thread which shows that my AST/ALT were lower while I was on dbol and running synthergine than they were off blast. Now, I'm starting to suspect that synthergine may not actually do any liver protecting but, may just have a way of masking and lowering the AST/ALT values. I could be wrong but, I'll explain my reasoning below.

    So, after the blast I had a Dr. appointment with my GP and she did a blood test. I ended my blast around 5-10 or so and my blood test was on 5-20. I ran the dbol at the beginning of the cycle probably around 2-4 weeks after I started it. I'm guessing from my notes from 3-11 to 4-11 so it's been more than a month since I was off the dbol and synthergine.

    5-20 blood test:
    AST - 37 (range 5-34) - barely out of range
    ALT - 44 (range 5-41) - barely out of range
    RBC - 5.54 - within range
    Hemoglobin - 14.9 - within range
    Hematocrit- 45.2 - within range

    Now a few weeks later on June 6th I have an appointment with my urologist. She wanted to do a blood test, I was thinking everything will be all good, wasn't expecting anything was just wondering if she might find my test to be too high that was the main thing she wanted to check. So, I get a call about a week later from the urologist's office and they tell me they want me to stop taking test, they said my hemoglobin was high, and AST/ALT was in the 70's or 80's (I dont' remember exactly since it was over the phone and I never got a copy of the results).

    So at that point I'm wondering wtf is going on because I just had a blood test done (the one with the results above) just a few weeks ago and everything was fine. Of course I'm not going to just stop my test like that out of nowhere, so I figure maybe I should get back on my daily supplements, red yeast rice, hawthorne, NAC, Liv 52, etc. since after the blast I stopped taking them regularly I guess I was taking a break or something, and so even when I went to my GP I wasn't taking these supplements regularly, so I don't know how all of a sudden my numbers went out of control out of nowhere but, since then I started taking the supplements regularly.

    Well I knew for the hemoglobin/hematocrit I need to donate blood so I immediately scheduled a blood donation, donated. Then about 3 weeks later around 6-25 I get a blood test done through privatemdlabs.

    6-25 blood test:
    Hemoglobin/Hematocrit in range now
    RBC is in range.
    AST is 52
    ALT is 63
    Test - 845

    So liver values are still high but, lower than what the urologist office was saying they were at. Now my test came back at 845 and I'm on 210mg of test cyp per week, I took the test on the day my shot is due (but before I took the shot) in the past at this dose I've been in the 1000 range, not sure why it's lower now.

    Now today is July 23 I have an appointment with my urologist later this week and I wanted to get the blood work done again through privatemdlabs myself a week earlier and bring it in with me since the urologist charged me like $350 just for the blood test and just a basic test that I can get through privatemdlabs for $50 (except they tested thyroid as well but, still) and I don't have insurance. So I was hoping everything would be all good by now, been more than 2 months since the blast ended and I could come in with the blood work and show her everything is fine so she doesn't talk to me about coming off. I didn't go in asking for help with low-t went in for other issues so not sure why she has to get nosy but, whatever.

    So I got the blood test done last Friday (7-19) my test shot is due the following Monday, so I took the test 3 days earlier because of my schedule and I'm not really interested in my test results but, AST/ALT.

    7-19 blood results:

    RBC - 6.01 - high
    hemoglobin/hematocrit - within range
    AST - 47
    ALT - 76
    Test - >1500 - high

    So somehow during this time in about a month my RBC has increased, and AST lowered a bit but, ALT went up even higher. Test is somehow >1500 I dont see how it's so high on 210mg a week.

    So, I'm confused I don't know what's going on. I haven't changed anything, everything has been the same, no new vitamins or supplements, test dose is same, everything is the same but, my liver values aren't coming down. When I was on Var last October I was on 50mg a day for 7 weeks. Only about 4-6 weeks after I came off my liver values went back in range. I know var is supposed to mild but, it's still 17aa though I know dbol is supposed to be much more harsh but, it's been about 3 months since I've been off it.

    Should I stop all my vitamins like multi-vitamins, fish oil, hawthrone, red yeast rice, Coq10 etc. etc. ? Since my liver has to process all that stuff, and maybe just continue NAC and Liv 52? I don't know how back in May just a few weeks after I came off the blast all my numbers were almost within range but, after spending more time off my numbers have gone more out of whack. I thought the longer you're off the more you're supposed to heal and your numbers return to normal but, I'm going in the opposite direction it seems like.

    Any ideas? Just give it more time? I guess I'm going to cancel my appointment with the urologist and/or find another I don't want to get lectured or be told to come off, I don't want to go back to life the way it was when I was low-t. Maybe if my numbers come back within range I can go back. Or another thing I was wondering was maybe I should just reduce my test dose to 150mg a week and see what happens? Not sure if I want to do that though, in the last month or so I've put on about 10 lean pounds and dropped BF somehow. I guess in all the mess with my blood work at least that's the one good thing lol

    I mean I do need to see the urologist I could just try to tell her that I didn't come to her to get my low t issues treated and that I have the low-t clinic that can manage my test issues and I have a GI specialist that I see for liver issues that can manage that and I just need her to focus on what I came in for. Maybe if I go on about how life was like low-t she might understand why I don't want to stop. I guess that's reasonable enough if she's not ok with that then I'll have to find somebody else.

    Sorry for the long post, hope somebody can provide some insight on my blood work.

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    Re: blood work issues

    These values are not specific to the liver. They are also in cardiac & skeletal muscle. If you are having muscle break down, which is common with working out. These values can be elevated and may explain why you are having the fluctuation.

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    Re: blood work issues

    Originally Posted by Dfeaton View Post
    These values are not specific to the liver. They are also in cardiac & skeletal muscle. If you are having muscle break down, which is common with working out. These values can be elevated and may explain why you are having the fluctuation.
    Yeah that's true, I should know that I think one of the actual liver values is GGT or something like that. I'll look it up. also since I am making gains recently then that's a possible/likely theory. I just don't know how I would explain that to my urologist since as I understand many doctors dont even know that muscle breakdown can increase ast/alt. so then I'd just have to tell her that I don't want to work on these issues with her and will schedule an appointment with my doc that handles the liver issues.

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    Re: blood work issues

    Well that's a dam good post dfeaton don't know how to like a post yet on iPad but no ugh said

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    Re: blood work issues

    Id keep on it. Do a test once a month with private med and monitor everything

    You will see variation but that's doesn't always mean its bad

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