By: Mr Rose


Benzyl Benzoate: An alcohol used here as a co-solvent.
benzyl alcohol: A bacteriostatic agent and a common alcohol solvent.
Oil: You can use any 100% oil. Example include but are not limited to; sesame seed oil, Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, canola oil, linseed oil, etc.
Ethyl Oleate: Is used as a co-solvent and carrier for higher concentration of steroids .


AAS powder will displace liquids at a 1:0.75 ratio. So 1g of AAS is equal to 0.75mL


Items Needed

AAS Powder (amount based on recipe)
benzyl alcohol (amount based on recipe)
Benzyl Benzoate (amount based on recipe)
Oil (amount based on recipe)
3mL syringe
20mL syringe
50mL syringe
25g-27g needle
18g needle x2
18g Flat needle (is possible)
100mL sealed sterile vial (or 2x50mL, 5x20mL, etc etc)
100mL-250mL Glass beaker (or spare open 100mL vial) x2
0.2um syringe filter (any membrane type will do when using Oil) One unit should filter 100mL.

General Instructions

1. Weigh desired powder.
2. Place this powder into the glass beaker.
3. Add the desired oil into the other glass beaker using the 50mL syringe and heat it in a bath of hot water to around 80*C or 180*F.
4. Transfer this oil into the beaker with the powder.
5. Use the 3mL syringe to measure your BA and then add it to the oil
6. Use the 10mL syringe to measure your BB and then add it to the oil
7. Stir this mixture with a glass rod or with an 18g needle
8. When fully dissolved, draw as much as you can into the 50mL syringe and then attach the syringe filter to it and then an 18g sharp needle to the end of the filter unit.
9. Swab the top of your sealed vial with an alcohol pad and insert the 25g-27g needle into the vial. This will act as a vent.
10. Now insert the syringe/filter unit into the vial and begin filtering.
11. NEVER draw backwards through the filter, it will destroy it.
12. You may need to unattached the syringe from filter unit (leave the unit still in the vial) and draw the rest of the AAS/oil mixture into the syringe then re-attach it and proceed to filter it.
13. Once all the oil is filter through, unattached the syringe from the filter unit and draw in 50mL of air. Re-attach it and push this air though. This will get every last drop of the oil out of the filter membrane.
14. Remove the syringes from the vial. Your finished.
15. Now observe this for a day or two to see if it crashes. If not then your good to go.