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    Originally Posted by lauiebelly View Post
    Symptoms of steroid use and steroid rage.? What are some of the symptoms of steriod abuse and steroid rage? Does the person have sudden bursts of energy? Do they break out with unusal acne? Do they brusie easy and do some people give injections on the inside of the upper arm? I know about hair loss etc. Do they say unusually mean things to people that is normally out of character for them? Please, any information would be a life saver. Thanks. Update: Does anyone know about the boost or increase in energy. Like the person has to constantly be up and doing something all the time whereas before they just were laid back? This could kill him if he is doing this (he has serious heart problems). I need some info please!!! Update 2: I am well aware what NORMAL dosing does. I am talking about ABUSE of steriods. Getting injections of steriods that aren't prescribed by a doctor. I have seen this before but it has been about 10 years. This person went from a mello laid back person to a verbally abusive-actually hollering at strangers from our car, hateful, verbally abusive man that is not the person I know. Plus has built up mega muscle mass over the last 3 weeks. I have been through this before but it was awhile ago.
    what a fukkin rant, sounds like ur hubby is on meth

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    Originally Posted by Gibsonator View Post
    what a fukkin rant, sounds like ur hubby is on meth
    I agree, take him to a NA meeting!!!!

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    These are some harsh punishments.

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    In Russia you got 3 years nevermind if you keep for your self or distribute.

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    Originally Posted by Ponchik View Post
    In Russia you got 3 years nevermind if you keep for your self or distribute.
    Strong first post lol. Wanna head over to new members and introduce yourself?
    In need of dieting help? Email me at

    Asking pillar how much orals to take is like asking Charlie Sheen how many hookers you should ****. - Jin


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