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Apr 23, 2021
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Quick intro ...

Looks like I signed up for the forum in April 21 but I don't really remember that :) . Just came back and starting reading posts and wanted to be part of the community.

51Y Male (will be 52 next Monday)
6'9" hovering around 245 right now with mid teens BF
been TRT for last 3 years (started 200 Test C - have since lowered a bit to around 180 give or take for human error)
Have done 2 blasts (500 Test E - 14 weeks) and (400 Test C & 600 EQ - 22 weeks finished mid Nov 21)
Maintaining right now with plans to cut Jan 31 - March 31 before a planned vacation mid April.
Looking to gather info on next blast after the vacation.

Interested in peoples protocols and training regimens who are between 45-55.

I'm a former basketball player - played D1 college and kept playing recreationally (as high as levels as I could find) until a week before my 40th birthday when I ruptured both patella tendons trying to follow up a missed lay up on a break with a dunk. Bad mistake. (Took over two years to recover to the point where I could reasonably train 'hard' again)

That injury (along with ruptured Achilles 4 years prior) still hinder training but I work around them pretty well. I still like to train as an "athlete" more than a powerlifter if that makes sense.

I train mostly for vanity and to keep my mind and body as sharp as possible. The 4 months that the gym was closed in my area due to Covid really lowered my mental health more than my physical health.

The Test/EQ blast went really well - felt great and received more complements from random's than ever before. So I may return to this. I have well sourced VAR on hand as well was thinking 5 weeks to start the next blast. Also would be interested in adding (or replacing the EQ with) Primo.


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Feb 24, 2014
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