Test C, Tren E, Masteron E and Anavar cycle.


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Oct 28, 2020
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I don’t want to gain any weight at all but I also don’t want to loose my size trying to get down into the single digits of body fat %.
he got it from you saying shit like this. You want to lose fat, but not lose size... which can only happen by gaining lean tissue during a cut. Not going to happen bud...
Feb 21, 2024
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Just a quick update since I’ve been on cycle for 3 weeks now.

Pre cycle weight 259lbs
Current weight 253lbs

Definitely getting leaner and not seeing any size changes in the areas that I didn’t want to loose size at. The lbs that I have lost has mostly came from waist and the stomach area. Pre cycle pants size 38x34 and now I’m comfortably wearing a 36x34. Arms still measure 19.5” and chest still measures 49”. Haven’t had a chance to do a body fat % check yet to see where I am at with that but plan on doing so by week 6.

Side affects as of right now I would consider minimal.
Not sleeping very good but I’ve always had a tough time sleeping so this could or couldn’t be due to the cycle.
Night sweats are getting bad at this point but I’ve also had worse night sweats before. Just change sheets out daily.

To explain a little better on what I meant for goals since I worded it a little wrong and alot of you had fun with it and jumped on the meth jokes. Lol
I should have left out wanting to keep the same weight. That’s not what I meant as we all know the scale doesn’t mean shit. I meant that I don’t want to loose any of my size as in I don’t want to be at 8% body fat and loose 2 inches off my chest or a inch off my arms to get that. So I apologize for wording it the way that I did.

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