Test Prop, Tren A, Anavar (4th Cycle) Review and Suggestions

Aug 1, 2018
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Hey guys, im planning on running my 4th cycle here in the next few months. Below is the entire cycle. However when it comes to HCG, what is everyone's thoughts. I was going to run it on previous cycles but never did and recovered fine. I was thinking about adding it to this one however when researching I'm getting mixed results. On one end, people, articles, etc are suggesting taking it 2x weekly while on cycle and discontinuing prior to pct. On the other end, people are saying to take it only prior to pct (blast) because if you're injecting test and hcg you're giving your body mixed signals about producing natural test. Does anyone have further insight or a link to a better article/study I can take a look at? I appreciate your guys feedback / personal knowledge and input as well but taking a look at some better articles can't hurt either.

Stats: 5'8 | 193 | 26 YOM | 3 previous cycles

When it comes to the cycle.

Test Prop 150mg EOD Weeks 1-12
Cardarine 25mg ED Weeks (oral) 1-14

Around end of week 6/start of 7

Adding Tren A 50mg EOD Weeks 7-12
Adding Anavar 25mg ED

I run daily and lift (hybrid training) So i added cardarine to attempt negative cardio sides of tren.

I have caber on hand but last tren cycle I had no prolactin sides so hopefully will not need it.
I also have Arimidex at 0.5mg EOD incase any sides start to come up however with all past cycles I haven't had any sides so again hopefully will not need it.


Ive always been on the high ends but have seen a lot of people tapering down starting at lower dosages. It's worked for me so im going to continue. Approx 10 days after last pin

end of Week 13 start: 100mg Clomid ED and 40mg Nolva ED
Week 14: 100mg Colmid ED and 40mg Nolva ED
Week 15: 50mg Clomid ED and 20mg Nolva ED
Week 16: 50mg Clomid ED and 20mg Nolva ED

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Anything I can do differently to have a better cycle/recovery please let me know.


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