1. M

    Newbie: greetings all!

    Hey everyone, I'm an Australian 26 year old who's been on trt for about 5 years with occasional intermittent mild blasting (chuck in orals occasionally, test moves between 160-300mg and occasionally mast). I actually originally joined this forum to look for decent Australian sources but after...
  2. A

    Ideal source research process?

    Everytime a newbie comes onto a forum like this looking for a source right off the bat, it always gets the same response: No one is going to tell you and don't believe any message sent to you. I knew that was the case and was able to get my gear from a friend for my first cycle. Luckily it was...
  3. A


    Hello everyone My name is Miguel I’m 24 years old about to turn 25. Im glad to be part of this forum. I’m located in Knoxville TN, I’m been lifting close to 4 years. Did a cycle earlier this year test 250, and added Trent around week 8 ran it for 15 weeks. This was my first cycle and I...
  4. A

    lambjabpharma dot com USA Domestic.

    Hello Brothers and Sisters, I am here today promoting a relatively new site with amazing test results and very nice oils! Lambjabpharma dot com specialises in its customers. The good people at Lambjabpharma will go above and beyond to satisfy their customers including...
  5. P

    **SCAM ALERT** Please read.

    The OG's on here are gonna eat me alive but maybe this will help some newbies.... "Mike/Micheal" from "Performance hub" only operates via email and emails come from a If you get a message from anyone on THIS SITE or any other, suggesting this guy, do not do it!! I was just...
  6. P

    Performance Hub, anyone heard of or use his stuff?

    Don't wanna put his name on here but was referred to a guy that operates a company by the name of Performance-Hub no website just emails back and forth, anyone heard of him/his business? msg or reply to thread would appreciate the feedback.
  7. 24hreup international and us domestic supplier

    Hi guys we like to offer you our services We specialize mainly in pharma products but we also carry a few Ug labs in our inventory There is no minimum order with BTC for customers who pay with WU and MG a $150 minimum apply All our Turkey supplied products can be verified with the...
  8. Ozymandias

    What to expect when finding a first source

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into finding my first source (I'm not asking for any, don't even try) and I was just curious about what to expect when you finally find a legitimate source. Let me clarify: Should I friend someone at the gym whom I suspect (juices), how should I approach the question...
  9. P

    Source Check

    Just wondering if anyone used Checkmate Labs or lockandloadlabs. The prices seem about right but of course there is always precaution and I've been burned before in the past from in person source as well as online. Have to say never tried this medium of source. Thanks for your feedback in...
  10. C

    Anyone ever order from Bulldog/

    Hello All, I am new, and I have been reading and researching but would appreciate it if anyone can let me know if they have got good product from Bulldog at legit//gear//.cc Looks like he has been around a few years and I am not seeing any scam reports, but I wanted to ask the community as it...
  11. S

    EuroPharma review

    This thread is a review of the lab EuroPharma. Any experience shared with this lab would be appreciated.
  12. F

    New guy asking about sarms exp

    New to here and actually any online board ever lol, using my phone because I don’t even own a computer.. I grew up playing outside and sports so never had an interest sitting behind a ****ing screen, but I’m here now doing yet MORE research online and now asking these down to earth- honest...
  13. C

    RELIABLE? OSUK onlinesteriodsuk com

    The have recently started up with a new website, all looks a bit too good to be true, anyone brought from them recently?
  14. S

    recommendation for a source

    Posting up a Review for Naps gear. I've been cycling for a couple years now. I'm 5'll" and started hitting the gym seriously when I was 21. A bit of a late starter. Through diet and training, without supplements I went from 120 lbs lean to 150lbs lean over the course of 8 months. I was...
  15. B

    New here

    Hey guys, I am new here but not new with steriods, did some oral cutting and bulking cycles! Now is am looking for a good injectable bulking cycle, who can help me ?
  16. J

    Beginner in need of some questions answered.

    This is my first time on this forum . Or any forum for that matter. I'm not sure that I'm doing this right , so my apologies if I'm doing this wrong. But I have quite a bit of questions and would really appreciate a conversation with some gear vets. I'm about to start my 4th cycle, but I have...
  17. gfraser

    Anyone experience with Unnaturals Research

    Do any of you guys know anything about this source or what anything. What do you experienced users think about this? unnaturalsresearch . com
  18. Y

    An Endless Search

    Im never going to ask a direct question (not that stupid) but how is everyone so successful in getting what they want? Been looking for years but was always afraid of scams. It seems like for every legit theres like 10 scammers. Any vets out there that can give me advice, tell me what to look...
  19. W

    Gear Depot

    How many of you used G.
  20. D

    Stingy source hogs

    Im trying to figure out why its so hard for new guys like me to get a good source?